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The Cupboard boasts a diverse range of products, spanning from nostalgic candies to farm-fresh eggs. We take pride in featuring items from local and regional entrepreneurs, with a commitment to supporting minority-owned and women-owned businesses. Explore our shelves to find a variety of delights, including fresh cheeses, sprouted flours, and an array of pickled produce – all perfect treasures to enhance your next meal.

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Pickle Your Fancy


If you are looking for a big dill, then look no further than our pickle wall.  You will find Amish favorites and family owned businesses who have pickled for generations.  Quail eggs, pickled raisins, pickled red onion, pickled Brussel sprouts and more.  Take your charcuterie up a notch or make that bloody mary brunch memorable.  You can find the perfect pickled here.

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Temperance Options

Are you stepping back from alcohol?  In the temperance section at Baileys you will find a variety of options from shrubs to award winning mixers and adaptogen infused concoctions to help you along your journey, or just provide a alternative for the weeknight.  You can drink and drive. 

Bailey's honey

Local Raw Honey

Local Raw Honey at Baileys is serious business.  We know the closer the hive, the better so whether you live in Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, Near Escambia High School or in East Hill, we have raw honey for you.  But that’s not all, we have infused honey for your charcuterie board, and therapeutic honeys if you are in chemo and fighting dry mouth. 


Adding Sauces

You will find sauces from all over the South at Baileys.  From our local Seeleys Hot Sauces, to a variety of Srirachas, and BBQ Sauces from Austin, Birmingham, Charlotte, and yes, even Kansas City.

Jams & Jellies

Jams, Jellies & Butters

This is the section to find the most for your toast.  From Amish Selections to Award Winners. From the sweet to the savory, we have something to make your taste buds sing. 

Salts & Seasonings

Spices & Seasonings

Spices and seasonings are like the paintbrushes of the culinary world, adding depth, complexity, and flavor to dishes. At Bailey’s you will find special seasonings and spices from around the globe that can elevate your cooking.

A Visit to Bailey’s is an Adventure for the whole family

At Bailey’s, we pride ourselves on offering the freshest fruits and vegetables, along with a specialty in providing the newest selections for your seasonal gardening needs, enhancing your flower beds, and culinary adventures. Our extensive book department boasts captivating tales on cooking, children’s literature, and various other topics of interest. Don’t miss out on our engaging Tasting Events and informative “Cooking with Crystal” sessions. For event schedules, visit our website’s Events section and stay updated by following us on Facebook.

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