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For Your Vegetable Garden -Just in time for Spring Planting

Look to Bailey’s for all your spring gardening essentials. Celebrated as the top nursery along the coast, our reputation speaks volumes. Supported by a team of seasoned gardeners and plant enthusiasts, we offer expert advice on every aspect of gardening, from initiation to nurturing your garden into success. Our diverse selection caters to year-round needs, adjusting with the seasons.

Don’t forget to join our educational events, where you can gain insights from leading experts. Your exploration into the realm of home gardening is our primary focus at Bailey’s.


Baileys Tobasco and Cayenne Long slim Peppers
Baileys Salad Bowl Mix Lettuce

Salad Bowl Mix

Baileys Jade Cross E Brussels Sprouts

Brussells Sprouts

Baileys Ichiban Type Eggplant


Baileys Packman Broccoli


Baileys Great Lakes Head Lettuce

Great Lakes Head Lettuce

Baileys Tobasco and Cayenne Long slim Peppers

Tobasco Hot Peppers

Baileys Habanero Peppers

Habenaro Peppers

Baileys Better Bush Tomatoes

Better Bush Tomatoes

Veggies Herbs and Fruit