The Best Fresh Produce
in Northwest Florida


At Baileys, the sourcing of fresh seasonal produce is our specialty.  For 80 years we’ve nurtured a local and regional network of farmers that is unmatched, so you can trust Bailey’s to stock the freshest, and most flavorful produce picked at the perfect time. Our team is passionate about the food they source, and they are knowledgeable about what is in season.  Seasonal options mean changing options. We source what local farmers are harvesting right now and that can often depend on a variety of conditions.

The best way to get the latest information what is arriving now is to follow us on social media, both Instagram and Facebook.  However, here is our general calendar of what is freshest at what point in the season:


Produce Calendar





Mar – May

FL Veggies
GA Veggies
FL Corn
FL Potatoes
Spring Onions
Purple Top Turnips
Collard Greens
Local Crookneck Squash
WA Rhubarb

FL Watermelon
FL Athena
Canteloupe (Apr)
FL Blueberries
Local Strawberries
FL Peaches

FL Green Beans
FL Pole Beans
Cranberry Beans (Mar)
English Peas (Mid Apr)
Green Peanuts (Early
Crowder Peas (May)
Zipper Peas (May)

CA Navels
CA Bloods
CA Pummelos
CA Mandarins
CA Ojai Pixie
FL Red Grapefruit
FL White Grapefruit
FL Valencia Oranges


TN Veggies
TN Corn
PA Corn
Purple Bell Peppers
White Bell Peppers
AL Sand Mountain)
Tomatoes (June)
TN Tomatoes (July)
Local Cabbage

TN Watermelon
Scuppernongs &
Muscadine (Jul-Aug)
Blackberries (Jul)
Amish Blueberries
Chilton County Peaches
SC Peaches
PA Peaches
TN/PA Cantaloupes
CA Plums
CA Grapes
TN Green Beans
TN Pole Beans (Blue
Lakes, Rattlesnakes,
Malibu’s. Half-Runners)
Green Butter Beans
Speckled Butter Beans (Jun)
White Acre Peas
Zipper Peas

CA Citrus:
CA Navels
CA Cara Cara’s
CA Mandarins
CA/TX Grapefruit

Sept – Nov

TN Veggies
GA Veggies
GA Corn
GA Variety Eggplant
(Indian Spanish,
Sicilian, Italian)
Carving/ Decorative
Edible Squash
Corn Stalks
Hay Bales

OK Watermelon
PA New Crop Apples
PA Peaches
PA Pears / Asian Pears
GA Green Beans
Cranberry / Oct Beans
Local Cauliflower

(CA Citrus Finishes,
usually import citrus
before FL starts up
around mid October

Dec – Feb

FL Veggies
FL Corn
FL Tomatoes

Plant City Strawberries
FL Green Beans

Indian River Citrus:
FL Navels
FL Red Grapefruit
Fl White Grapefruit
Fl Orri Mandarins
FL Sugarbelles
FL Honeybells
FL Juice Oranges
Local Satsumas
Local Kumquats

CA Citrus:
CA Navels
CA Blood Oranges
CA Cara Cara’s
CA Mandarins (Cuties)
CA Plummelos
CA Sweeties (Oroblanco)
CA Honeybells